Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m taking only still photography. Do I still need to get permission to come on campus?

A: Yes. Emory is private property. You must contact the Emory Film Management at 404.727.3478 or to make arrangements before coming on the campus.

Q: I’m scouting for locations, and the photographs will be used only by me. Do I still need to get permission to come on campus to scout for locations or take pictures?

A: Yes. You must first make arrangements with the Emory Film Management at 404.727.3478 or We want to know when you plan to be on campus so that we can facilitate your visit, and notify campus police where you will be and that you have permission to take pictures.

Q: I’m with the news media. Do I need to get approval to film on campus?

A: Different guidelines apply to the news media. You do not need permission from the Emory Filming Office. However, before you come to campus, you should contact Elaine Justice of University Communications at 404.727.0643 or or, for filming on the medical campus, you should contact Kathi Baker of Health Sciences Communications, 404.227.1871,

Q: I’m working on a project for a nonprofit. May I shoot on Emory’s campus for free?

A: There are fees for any media projects on campus.  (There are no fees for film projects produced exclusively for an Emory department and paid for directly by Emory University.)

Emory University, however, seeks to support fellow non-profit, educational, and charitable organizations.  While standard fees may still apply, Emory is willing to discuss fees related to filming by non-profit organizations on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: I’d like to hire students as extras or helpers. How would I do that?

A: Contact the Emory Film Management at 404.727.3478 or We encourage appropriate involvement of Emory students.