Production Fees

A license to film on the Emory University campus covers a film liaison working with you during all aspects of production, including preproduction scouting, walk-throughs, tech scouts, and day-to-day oversight. Fees are charged from the arrival of the first production vehicle to the departure of the last production vehicle. All other costs, including location rental fees, parking, additional personnel, etc., are separate.

Location Fees

Briarcliff HospitalMain/Clairmont/Oxford Campuses and Briarcliff Mansion
Film (per/day)$8,000$11,000
Prep/Strike (per/day)$4,000$5,500


  • Rates effective January 1, 2023.
  • Prices Include: Access to Emory Film Liaison and Site
  • Additional charges apply for Parking and Special Requests
  • Additional charges may apply for site rental fees or access to special equipment
  • Shoots lasting more than 10 business days may qualify for a discounted daily rate
  • Corporate/Advertising/Non-Profit Productions: Please contact Emory Film Management for pricing
  • For commercial rates, please contact Emory Film Management.
  • Rates may vary by location

Certain locations require an additional site representative or additional fees. Fees are subject to change without notification and based on special requests. Access to interior educational spaces and athletic facilities during the academic year are very limited and unavailable during normal business hours. Some examples are below.

  • Theaters/performance venues
  • Classrooms/lecture halls (access is very limited during academic year)
  • Libraries (access is very limited during academic year)

  • Baseball stadium
  • Basketball gyms
  • Intramural fields
  • Pools
  • Tennis courts
  • Track and field

  • Parking structures (highly limited during weekdays)
  • Parks: Note Emory parks are protected spaces and are generally open to the public. The cost per day includes the Emory costs of closing a park.
  • Campus Courtyards
  • Plazas

Certain productions, due to scale, location, and special requests may require additional personnel. Please contact Backlot for fees. 


For all personnel, overtime rates apply after eight hours per day or on weekends.

  • Contact Transportation and Parking Services for rates & availability.
  • Special parking arrangements can be made for large and other special vehicles.
    • Please submit these requests to your Emory film liaison as a part of your production plan.

Additional fees will be applied for any maintenance, custodial, and landscape work. This includes items such as turning air conditioners, fountains, or lights on and off. These services must be requested at least 72 hours prior to the first day of production.

Cleanup and landscape restoration, performed by Emory, following a shoot will be billed at the hourly rate of the personnel necessary to complete the task. Any changes to landscapes must be approved in advance and all spaces altered by productions must be left in the same or better condition than what it was found (certain exceptions apply to use of facilities on the Briarcliff Campus – please discuss with your Emory Film Liaison). Any landscaping and removal or trimming of trees is prohibited without prior written authorization. Costs for materials to repair buildings or landscape sites are the responsibility of the production.

A fee equal to 50 percent of the regular campus filming production fee will be charged if a production cancellation occurs after the contract has been signed or within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot (including weekends) regardless of whether a contract is in effect. If a rental facility has been reserved or personnel booked, those fees may be billed also.

In order to minimize disruptions to Emory daily business operations and to ensure that your shoot is arranged to your expectations, we require that a fully completed application be submitted no fewer than 10 business days prior to the first prep day or day of shooting. We also require that a final tech scout be done no fewer than 5 working days prior to the first prep day. A location agreement must be executed within 3-5 business days before the first prep day. Should any occur after the deadline, a per-item rush fee of 10 percent of the campus filming production fee will be charged.