Procedures for Film Requests

Filming Application Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines prior to submitting your FILM REQUEST (hyperlink) to Emory. The information below is also available as a PDF:  Emory University Filming Guidelines (PDF).

Submit a Film Request

Once Emory receives your completed filming request a film liaison will contact you. Emory film liaisons are responsible for assisting production companies during their time on campus. You can reach a film liaison at 470-603-1705 or

Following preapproval of your project, your liaison will work with you on all aspects of your project. Your liaison is your principal contact with Emory and will secure access to facilities, facilitate interaction with university offices and officials, facilitate required permissions, and accompany you during your time on campus. The services of your liaison will be covered by an administrative fee.

Please be aware that some locations on campus will have limited access. Availability will vary depending on the time of year and the location's requested. As a general rule, requests for filming at Emory cannot interfere with the primary activities of the university.

Emory limits access for filming to ensure that normal university operations and functions are not disrupted. Filming in active hospitals or clinical settings, animal facilities, research labs and other facilities where research is occurring or in protected areas is highly restricted. Filming in federally sponsored research laboratories is prohibited.

No filming or photography for commercial use is permitted on campus without prior approval.

Once you have been contacted by a film liaison, Emory personnel will escort production crews on any scouting of non-public space, unless the scout is given permission otherwise.

The following information will need to be forwarded to the Emory University Filming Office (470-603-1705 or prior to or immediately after a technical scouting:

  • A complete production schedule, with arrival and departure times
  • Number of cast/crew members
  • Number of crew/production vehicles
  • A description of the number, size, and weight of large production equipment, including cranes, generators, and dolly systems
  • Set construction/proposed modifications of existing structures
  • Access to production site, including potential closures of campus streets/sidewalks
  • Set dressings and special effects use/placement
  • Security perimeter during shooting
  • Staging and security of equipment during nonworking hours
  • Power needs and cabling plans into and out of any buildings
  • Sound and lighting concerns
  • Duration of pre-production, actual production, and cleanup

You may not represent Emory University as the location of the film nor identify the university through signs, logos, name, iconic buildings or structures, presence of prominent individuals, inclusion of athletic uniforms, or mimic the university's school colors, or by any other means without express prior written permission.

All filming projects require a Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of:

  • At least $2 million per occurrence and $5 million in the annual aggregate
with an additional endorsement page naming Emory University, the Emory University Board of Trustees, and university employees and agents as additional insured parties for the day(s) during which you will be on the Emory campus for preproduction, production, and cleanup. You must maintain workers' compensation coverage in compliance with statutory requirements.

You must submit all insurance documentation at least 14 days prior to filming to your Emory film liaison.

You must take care to protect university grounds and property from damage. You also must comply with all county, state, and university codes, statues, rules, and regulations, including fire codes and all environmental, health, and safety rules that apply to Emory University.

  • Set up filming equipment in a way that does not create safety concerns, such as trip hazards, fire hazards, or blocked exits and cover cables crossing pavement or walkways or otherwise occurring in a public area with appropriate mats or coverings.
  • Place layout board in all non-carpeted areas to prevent filming equipment from directly touching the floor and place plywood under tires when driving and parking heavy equipment on grass.
  • Obtain prior approval to use any crane or heavy materials, such as concrete blocks or bricks.
  • Place cones around any production vehicle, including generators or cranes, not in a marked parking space and place caution tape around any potentially hazardous locations.
  • Place trash and debris only in the designated rubbish bins. (Emory will provide these and clear them regularly at a cost to the production company.)
  • Refrain from nailing, drilling, gluing, or otherwise altering any campus property without prior permission.
  • Refrain from removing university-owned objects belonging to the location without prior approval.
  • Attach all directional signs (e.g., for crew/truck parking or directions to set) to stanchions and not to trees, poles, or facilities.
  • Return the location to its original condition and remove all evidence of filming immediately upon completion of filming unless otherwise approved by Emory.
  • Immediately notify the university of any damage to property. (All damages to property will be the responsibility of the production company.)

When prior arrangements can be made, the Emory Transportation and Parking Services will charge a reasonable fee for parking (see Fees). Production/production staff vehicles may be parked only in the agreed-upon areas during the prearranged times approved by Transportation and Parking Services. Turn off engines upon arrival.

Please inform us of any loading/unloading needs as early as possible so we can work to accommodate them. Vehicles may not obstruct city or university streets or traffic flow. Emory will work to accommodate reasonable requests for assistance in altering traffic patterns for filming.

All fuel trucks must be fully and properly equipped to act as refueling trucks and must be staged off campus until needed for refueling. Generators must be shut down before refueling. Refueling must be conducted by two people with one person pumping and the other with fire extinguisher in hand and at the ready. No other people should be within 50 feet of the refueling operation.

Emory is a tobacco-free campus. Smoking is prohibited in buildings, facilities, and university grounds.

Use of tobacco products on campus will result in a $1,000 fee.

Personnel connected with the production should treat members of the university community with respect and consideration at all times. Personnel in any way connected with the production may be ejected from campus for displaying behavior deemed to be disruptive to the operation of the university or for being offensive in language or behavior to students, faculty, staff, administrators, or visitors.

All production personnel (with the exception of talent when being filmed) must wear a visible identification badge at all times while on Emory property. Production personnel must immediately comply with any directions or instructions given by authorized Emory personnel and with all pertinent rules and regulations of Emory brought to their attention.

Use of fire and pyrotechnics must be approved by the Emory Police Department and the DeKalb County Fire Marshall. The fire marshal must inspect locations to be filmed prior to filming. If deemed necessary by Emory, you are required to retain the services of the fire marshal on the day(s) of filming and will be subject to applicable fees. In addition, permission is required before the use of smoke.

Installation of tents must be approved by Emory Facilities Management due to the presence of underground utilities. Tents on hard surfaces may not be installed with stakes. Tents in grassy areas may be staked with approval from Campus Services.

The production company is responsible for ensuring that all employees and contractors adhere to health and safety regulations while on the Emory campus. The production company must always have a person qualified in first aid present while on the Emory campus.

The production company must provide site security. Security can be provided by the Emory Police Department for a fee.

No firearms or weapons are permitted on university property. Use of prop weapons may be permitted with prior written approval.

Permission will be needed for the use of any animals on Emory University property.