Filming Timeline

This timeline can be used as guidance to facilitate major film productions at Emory University. A PDF version is also available.

  1. Review all of the content on the Emory University filming webpage and become familiar with guidelines and fees.

  2. Complete and Submit the Emory Filming Questionnaire. Emory Film Management will work to respond to all requests within two business days.
    • Send Emory University Film Management a synopsis for the scenes that would be filmed on campus with a site plan. Please submit immediately after the submission of the Filming Questionnaire.

  3. Send Emory University a site map for the proposed project.

  4. Wait for tentative approval from Emory Film Management. This does not constitute a final approval for the project.
    • Emory Business Services and Film Management must fully approve your project and complete contracting prior to filming.

    • Review normally takes between five and seven working days. During this time, we will:
      1. check availability of the location(s) requested
      2. place a preliminary hold on the areas and dates requested
      3. review the script's content for alignment with the University's values
      4. determine if parking is available near your location(s)*
      5. ensure that any Emory personnel as needed are available during the shoot

*Please note that parking contracts are handled through the Emory Transportation and Parking office. Your filming liaison will assist with this process.

  1. Contact your film liaison to set up an appointment to walk through all site locations and discuss details of the shoot.
    • A minimum of three days' notice is required to schedule a technical scouting and preliminary information must be completed on the Filming Questionnaire.
    • Please note that additional information may be requested.

  2. Discuss with your liaison set dressing/construction, rerouting of traffic patterns (vehicle and pedestrian), road closures, cabling runs, electrical needs, special effects needs/requirements, site security and any other relevant items.

  1. Perform a full technical scout, including a written list of all potential items (e.g., cranes, generators, trucks) to be brought onto campus for the production duration. As noted above, a minimum of three days' notice, a completed questionnaire, and a list of any special requests are required to schedule a technical scouting. The production must provide the following information prior to or immediately after a technical scout:
    • A complete production schedule
    • Number of cast/crew members
    • Number of crew/production vehicles
    • A description of the number, size, and weight of large production equipment, including cranes, generators, and dolly systems
    • Proposed locations for equipment and vehicles
    • Set construction/modification of existing structures
    • Access to production site, including potential closures of campus streets/sidewalks
    • Set dressings and special effects use/placement
    • Security perimeter during shooting
    • Staging and security of equipment during nonworking hours
    • Power needs and cabling plans into and out of any buildings
    • Sound and lighting concerns
    • Duration of preproduction, actual production, and cleanup

  2. Receive from your film liaison an email outlining the estimated fees based on production requirements.

  1. Finalize locations and requirements with your liaison.

  2. Finalize parking contract with Transportation and Parking Services.

  3. Submit detailed filming schedule and timeline to your liaison. Detail the arrival and departure times of production vehicles coming onto campus, as well as the estimated time for each phase of the production (prep, shoot, and wrap) required at each location.

  4. Submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance to your liaison.

  5. Emory will send you our location agreement contract. Please review and sign.

  1. Submit a signed location agreement for our review and signature.
    • Changes to an agreement will NOT be made less than three days prior to filming.

  2. Submit any revisions to filming schedule and timeline.
    • Changes to filming cannot be accommodated without seven days' notice prior to filming.
    • Requests for changes within seven days may require additional fees; please review the Emory Film Fee Schedule and discuss with your film liaison.

  1. Submit full payment of fees and a signed contract to your film liaison.
    • Final approval to film should not be assumed until you have a fully executed and signed contract with Emory University for the production.

  2. Submit full payment of parking fees to Transportation and Parking Services.

  1. Return all areas used during production to their preexisting state within 24 hours.

  2. Dispose of all trash and materials used during the production within 24 hours.

  3. Schedule a post-filming walkthrough of all filming locations with your liaison within 7 days. A representative from Facilities Management will join.